Harvey and Ethel Daeumer Foundation

Mission Statement:

To support local charitable causes

for children’s education, health, development and welfare;

and improvements and comfort for the sick, aged, or disabled.



Harvey began The Foundation on June 6, 2001.   This was a short time

 after he lost his beloved wife Ethel.  Elgin was lucky to be home to this very

 generous and giving couple.  They considered charities to be their children.

Harvey passed away in 2008 leaving behind a legacy

designed to carry on their local philanthropy.

Requesting a Grant:

Download and complete the application:

pdf file  or  Word Doc


Include:  * A short cover letter on your organization’s letterhead.

 * A detailed budget along with supporting vendor quotes or estimates, if applicable.

* Include a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter.



Send in all requirements by email or regular mail.

  If submitting electronically:  Please scan all pages into a single PDF-formatted document and include the name of your organization in the subject line of the email.


DEADLINE:  Please have your grant requests in by April 15, 2020,

 to be considered for funding during 2020.


If all requirements are not submitted, the grant cannot be considered.  Due to the volume of requests, we will be unable to provide notification of missing documents.   

Link:  Post Grant Requirements


www.Daeumer.org         hedfnd@gmail.com 


 c/o Glen T. Dobosz

2175 Point Blvd, Suite 150, Elgin, IL 60123